Here are some link to my CV and some documentation of my ability as teacher. Some of these documents are in Danish. At my teaching portfolio I also collect a variety of teaching related stuff including student evaluations and statistics over the marks my students get at their exams.

Master of Science diploma1

PhD Diploma

Udtalelse i forbindelse med praktisk pædagogikum

Projekt, that I made as part of "adjunktpædagogikum" at University of Copenhagen

Anbefaling fra rektor for Herlev gymnasium

Anbefaling fra rektor for Aurehøj Gymnasium

Anbefaling fra rektor for Falkonergården Gymnasium

Anbefaling fra rektor for Ordrup Gymnasium

Nederlandsk 1

Nederlandsk 2

Nederlandsk 3

Eksamensbevis som isklatreinstruktør

Eksamensbevis som sportsklatreinstruktør

Min godkendelse som eksaminator ved instruktøreksaminationer